About Me


My name is Renata Levy, although you may know me as “Cattleya”, a suspenseful fiction, fantasy and paranormal writer, who wants to write stories in which the reader will find romance, mystery, crime, and many more.


As a woman who’ll be turning forty-eight this year, I know exactly what I expect from life and have no intention of giving up on my dreams! Sure, many people think it is a bit too late to start a new chapter in their lives. Nothing could be more wrong!

I am a happy mother of two wonderful daughters. I have at my side an amazing man who is not only my husband, but above all, my best friend. My Three Glowworms, as we call ourselves, support me very much and do everything to help me make my dream of writing fiction and fantasy books come true.

I’m an economist by education, though I still ask myself the question “How could this happen?”, and despite the passage of time, I haven’t been able to find a satisfying answer.

But my situation with literature and history is completely different. Today, I can say that it was “love at first sight”. I am very sorry that I betrayed and married the soulless economy, instead of remaining faithful to what made each day special and the inner sun shine in my private sky.

I have always written. As a child, I took part in various competitions announced by numerous children's magazines that could be bought in bookstores. My adventure with writing has never really ended. However, until now, I had not thought about publishing anything that I had written. But now that I’ve started on the path as a female fiction and fantasy book author, I have realized that this is the perfect path for me. 

About My Life


After finishing my education, I traveled a lot, which had a huge impact on shaping my character and the perspective from which I look at the world around me. When traveling, I hadthe opportunity to observe people and their customs, resulting from the culture of the countries they come from, their habits and preferences. And I discovered that human beings were not only great treasuries of hidden secrets, but a vivid image of all existing emotions and a piggybank of feelings, both those discovered and named, as well as those hidden deep in the soul of each and every one of us, that have not yet been known, or for which we have not yet found the right words to identify and classify them.

During my free time, I love reading as much as I can, especially works by good psychological thrillers. My favorite suspense novel writersare among others, Jean Christophe Grange, Bernard Minier, Simon Beckett, Robin Cook, Donato Carrisi, Thomas Harris, Jo Nesbo, Sharon Bolton, Erik Axl Sound, HakanNesser, and Samuel Bjork.


As for the more “mundane” things, nothing gives me more happiness than cooking, and having all my relatives sit at the big table. They are the people without whom even the most sophisticated dish would lose all its sublime taste. Just as life would lose all of its most beautiful colors, if it lacked my glowworms on Earth and my Angels in Heaven!