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My genre might be suspense fiction, but I try my best to incorporate elements of other genres in my work: Paranormal, mystery and crime to keep those senses in check, Romance to spice things up, a whole new Fantasy world to entice your mind and keep you on your feet. My books offer the best of my creativity, which I truly hope you will enjoy.

If you are on the lookout for new released suspense fiction and fantasy books, give my novel a read and dive into the world of “The Black Shade of White: Justice”, the first of a trilogy. The second volume, “The Black Shade of White: Destiny” will be available for purchase in 2021 and the third one “The Black Shade of White: Victory” in 2022.

So, get your copy then tell me how you like it. Communicate your thoughts and speak about your theories. I would love to hear from you.

The Black Shade of White

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Vol. 1: Justice


Available NOW !

Vol. 2: Destiny
'Your wings, Sara, are a reflection of people's lives'. said Michael, smiling at her. 'They are like these colors. Diverse. So is their DestinyJoyful, happy, ordinary, sad and sometimes bad. Multicolor.'
Coming in 2021
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Vol. 3: Victory
'Embraced, they came to the big window and looked at the red glow in the infernal sky. They waited with confidence for a new day, when black-winged angels and their luminous brothers would build a new, better world, not paying attention to what divides, but undoubtedly unites them. And this connection was unquestionably a human - a mortal, wingless being who, if only wanted it badly, could be a real angel...'
Coming in 2022
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