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Starting Out… What is a Great Book Series to Read?

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The moment I first held a book in my hands, I knew I was a goner. Sniffing the pages and feeling the soft paper between my fingers—it honestly felt like I was at my utmost comfort, all my senses feeling that wonderful satisfaction you get when you come home.

So, starting out and diving into the world of books, it was not really that difficult to find my genre. For me, it was suspense fiction that got me hooked. But this did not mean I did not dabble in other genres. It took me a while before fiction piqued my interest. And it was along the way that I came across some really amazing books that became classics to my heart.

Whenever I get writer’s block, they are the ones I take out and read to get some inspiration back. So, if you are interested in what those series are, here is a short list of what I would recommend!

Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbø

I love crime fiction. So, the Harry Hole series by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø has a special place in my heart.

Riveting and action-packed, Harry Hole is one of those few literary detectives who does not come across clues or solves the case because of sheer dumb luck, pure sex appeal and a gritty back story. His characters are flawed, human and very much trying to manage their life like any other person: rather badly.

Yet, at the end of every book against all the odds, he comes out as the victor, solving a very puzzling case that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

The Stormlight Archive by Brando Sanderson

Imagine J.R.R. Tolkien world, but 10 times greater with multiple perspectives, multiple story-lines, amazing battle scenes, epic worlds, all wrapped in fantasy—you get The Stormlight Archive!

A ten-part series, with each book broken down in two sets, the story arc involves a collection of nations and regions on a planet with multiple sub-human species, class structures, religions, powers and more.

A massive world, set in a luxurious atmosphere that perfectly fits the fantasy theme without depending on tropes, this book series will keep you awake for days while you devour it!

Dr. David Hunter Series by Simon Beckett

The tales of a forensic anthropologist with a dark past, the David Hunter series by Simon Beckett are the quintessential book series you need to read if you’re interested in a deep dive on crime and mystery.

Simon Beckett’s work takes an in-depth look at how a murderer’s mind works. But do not disregard this as fodder for those interested in the morbid side of life. David Hunter takes you on a journey into the human side of the crime as well, what prompts normal, everyday people to commit heinous acts.

A world focused on the life and lies of a genius, the David Hunter series cannot be missed.

Commandant Martin Servaz Series by Bernard Minier

Are you in the mood for something serious?

How about the Commandant Martin Servaz series by Bernard Minier? A deeply puzzling series that takes Martin Servaz on manhunts and travels and adventures you would not dream of, this series by Minier is truly one that will make you feel wary about being alone anywhere.

Bordering on creepy, the scenarios depicted in this series can be scary sometimes, so it is best to just read them during the day. But, if you love to challenge yourself, have at it!

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If you have read my book “The Black Shade of White”, you will perhaps observe some elements of these books imitated in my work as well. And that is because these books inspire the artist in me. Maybe, once you start reading, they will inspire you to aim to perch your name high up on the list with the most published author of all time!

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