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For the Love of Writing—Why it’s Not About the Money for Most Romance Writers

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At first glance, you might think that anyone who is a romance writer is only in the field because of the money!

It is understandable, given that the romance fiction industry is apparently worth $1.08 billion a year, according to the Romance Writers of America®. But truth be told, if you are a true writer, someone who values their talent, money does not really matter. Sure, it is a bonus.

For a writer who values the genre, it is more about the satisfaction you get from your work, instead of that paycheck each month!

My Take on Romance

I am a suspense fiction writer.

But this does not mean my books do not have some elements of romance. A healthy dose is enough sometimes. But to even know where you will want to add that hint of romance, it is important to note the flow of your story, whether romance is really needed there at all.

That is where the reality of being a true writer comes in.

You have to know where romance works before you put the element in. Otherwise that plot line just seems forced, which leads to bad writing, which leads to bad reviews! So, from my perspective, a good story that requires romance is one that will benefit from it.

Bringing this perspective to the idea of writing romance only, it is this talent that most people go after when writing romance. And that is what helps them make the big bucks. That and some help from lady luck!

Working on Romance

Keep in mind, while there are many—many—books on romance, I will agree that not all of them are well-written. But, as a new writer myself, I can’t judge their quality. What I will say is this: as a writer, my love for the story has to show in my work.

If it is a haphazard jumble of weak plot lines with plenty of erotica thrown in, you will know from the get-go what the author’s goal was when “writing” the book.

Taking my own new fantasy fiction trilogy “The Black Shade of White” as an example, when you read any romantic element, you know it is crucial to the plot of the book. You see my hard work in those pages, you observe yourself how the romance helped the plot move along. It is there because it is needed. And it is well-written, and not dependent on clichés and tropes.

Does this romance factor bring in more customers? Yes. But is that the only reason why I added it? Not at all!

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So, if You’re Wondering How Much Romance Writers Make

And if you are interested in this because you want to be a writer yourself and see your name among the best fantasy book authors, do not go in with this mindset. Instead, focus on doing what you love.

And if romance is what makes you feel happy and satisfied, only then should you take the next step. You will feel happier and fulfilled, knowing you are on the right track!

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