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Let’s talk about… LOVE

Kevin, one of the main characters of the trilogy The Black Shade of White, is certainly one of those beings, who was fortunate enough to get to know the most beautiful face, of the most powerful feeling – Love. I wish you all to be so fortunate and get to know it too.

‘It is different when we love and desire. Then becoming one has great meaning,’ she interjected.

‘Yeah, honey, you understand it right. The connection then is not only physical gratification. For me, it’s the culmination of a relationship between two loving people, and everything that flows from that connection is important. Influencing us through the force of the pleasure we experience, it shapes us. It makes us laugh, and sometimes cry with joy. And there is no room for indifference, nor the passage of time, nor forgetfulness. You know, honey…when we’re near each other, when our bodies touch, when I caress you and your hands touch my skin, the desire taking over my body and mind explodes like a fire consuming me from the inside and inducing pain that can be soothed only by connecting with you, and when we become one body and one soul…the pain abates, but the fire becomes even bigger and more powerful and reaches with its hot tongues into my heart, and when consummation comes, it imprints its seal there, which constantly reminds us of its presence. It’s an extraordinary seal, Sophie, because it’s called love, and there’s no way to forget it or ignore it. It contains all of our feelings, and once imprinted, remains forever. True love. It’s like lava spilling from a volcano but one that doesn’t destroy anything; it’s a storm with lightning that hits us, not to take away our life but to infuse us with life. True love is like a tempest that instead of sending us off into the limitless void surrounding us, it raises us higher and higher on its tumultuous waves… True love is like a fire that burns in our souls, without harming us. It’s the smell, taste and touch. All this is flavoured with the breath of the soul and the rhythm of the heart. It’s warmed with kisses and…unity. With sight and words and gestures… True love is the impression that the world has stopped. It’s the words heard only by the heart, the touch sensed only by the soul. True love…strong and indestructible, but trusting and vulnerable.’

– Kevin, Chapter 48, The Black Shade of White: Justice

Now. Let’s talk !

  • What is “Love” for you?

  • Does love have one variation?

  • Is love just a “trick” of our organism, a storm of hormones that makes us believe that we have just come across the love of our life – the missing other-half of ourselves – which after some time, when this storm passes, makes us realize that our belief was only a belief and not a certainty?

  • Can love be equivalent to friendship?

  • What role does love and tenderness play in your life?

  • Is love possessive and can it be compared with a golden cage that one cannot escape from?

  • Does love mean restriction of freedom?

  • Do you think there is such thing as a “bad love”? What is it?

  • Do you have your own recipe for happiness in a relationship?

  • What is your ideal of a woman/man?

  • What is more important, internal or external beauty?

I cannot wait to read your comments and discuss with you about it !

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