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My Favorite Suspense Authors and Why I Love Them

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The fact that a truly good suspense fiction book keeps you on the edge of your seat is something that has always appealed to me!

This is why, while my written work does include various elements from the literary world like mystery, crime, romance and paranormal style, my true genre remains true to suspense fiction, a genre that can perfectly encompass all these factors.

But creating such a tale, one that is complex and thrilling, does not typically come easy to all creative writers. You have to find inspiration, just as I have by following the works of my favorite suspense authors.

Want to know who they are? Here is a short list of my favorites!

Jean-Christophe Grangé

Reporter writer extraordinaire, Jean-Christophe Grangé’s work is loved around the world, mainly because of his style of writing and plot composition. Full of force and wildly imaginative, what sets Grangé’s work apart from the rest is his way of combining the darkness of human nature with a certain sense of mysticism. His work takes you down a wormhole, seduces you with its twists and turns and leaves you holding your breath through the action scenes. For any action scenes I have added in my work, Jean-Christophe Grangé’s is where I take my inspiration.

Bernard Minier

Bernard Minier’s work is more mystery noir and so perfectly written that you can’t help but devour his books in one sitting! With flushed-out, flawed characters taking the lead, you do not feel like you are following the thought process of a basic detective character that’s a cookie-cutter version. Characters struggle and doubt themselves; they develop slowly but are constantly moving.

In short, these characters behave more like humans than most, which is something I greatly love. If you are in the mood for some dark mysteries and suspense, Bernard Minier is the author to go with.

Jo Nesbo

If you love complicated plots, plenty of characters, twists and turns, a brilliant story and some creepy vibes thrown in, Jo Nesbo is your guy! A great storyteller, the great thing about Nesbo’s work is that despite the complexity of the plot, you never feel slowed down or overwhelmed when you are reading the story, just more intrigued and curious as to what the next page will bring.

Donato Carrisi

With best-selling novels like The Whisperer and The Lost Girls of Rome to his name, you can’t expect anything less than magic from this Italian author. With signature creepy and dark tones with plenty of twist and turns that will have you reeling from the shock, Donato Carrisi’s work is nonetheless addictive. Unpredictable, fast-paced and gripping, his books are a perfect combination of a good ol’ fashioned crime plot, well-developed characters and an ending that will leave you satisfied yet hungry for more!

Simon Beckett

Simon Beckett’s work has plenty of gore in places so be warned! But, if you are a lover of chilling, thrilling, suspenseful books, his works are best at keeping you up and awake, reading your book into the night. Full of forensic details, tales of macabre and suspense and so compelling, Beckett’s work is not just meant to shock you, but actually help you get into the mind of the killer. In other words, it’s a thinker, this one!



To me, these are the most popular suspense authors out there. For my book, The Black Shade of White, their work has inspired plenty of characters, so if you are looking for an amalgamation of their best facets, purchase my book and have a read.

And let me know which author is your favorite!

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