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Paranormal Romance—What is All That About?

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Shape-shifters, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, angels, demons, and the ever-popular vampires—the romance section of the library is full of books that depict a true connection and romance with a paranormal entity. And to many, this seems too ridiculous to be true!

How in the world is this concept even believable?

In truth, it is acceptable because for many readers, these books are not a guilty pleasure, they are a peek into a truly creative genre, one that satisfies all your requirements from a good book, and give you romance, action, angst and fun to boot!

Why I Think Paranormal Romance is Popular

- It is an Escape

Non-fiction, sci-fi, romance—there are so many genres that use real life examples and ideas to move the plot along and give it some meat. But with paranormal romance, while of course, it does take its inspiration from real life events, it is still ultimately a fantasy. Anything can happen, anywhere at all. And that takes you on a journey.

- There is a Lot of World Building

Think secret societies, stolen magic, hidden artifacts and ancient histories! There is a whole world out there and even more worlds around it. No, you do not get to visit each world. But

there is plenty of imaginative detailing to help you get lost in that paranormal universe.

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- The Atmosphere is Lush

Considering all the different worlds you get to explore, it stands to reason that each sort of environment, each area would be lusciously detailed as well. There are depictions of heaven and hell, the sinful pockets of pleasure—so much that lures you into turn those pages and read just so you can satisfy your curiosity.

- The Lead Characters are Perfect

The alphas are the leaders of the pack, or the opposite! With tales full of underdogs and anti-heroes, just the genre of paranormal romance has opened up a whole new world of heroes as well, different flawed humans and creatures, all of whom are flawed but lovable.

- The Romance is Forbidden, And Therefore, So Sweet

Who can resist the pure hotness of a lead character who is one part adorable and one-part broody? Throw in some caution against loving them and you have yourself a forbidden romance for the ages. Taking the classic example of a human and an angel/demon, the main reason why it is so appealing, is because it gives you a thrill of knowing that an otherworldly creature could fall in love with a human!

Paranormal romance can be everyone’s favorite genre if you just find the right book to love. So, why not try my book as well?

A perfect combination of suspense, paranormal romance set in a fiction world, The Black Shade of White will get you addicted. Buy a copy today and let me know how you love this fantasy and paranormal novel!

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