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Qualities of Successful Fantasy Novels

When it comes to writing fantasy novels, you have no limits!

Ogres to fairies, haters to lovers, rags to riches—fantasy allows you to work on every element and take it to the next level. But, does that mean that all fantasy novels are one of a kind?

Sadly, no!

No offense to any fantasy writer out there! There are plenty of good fantasy novels that utilize set worlds and creatures to convey their story. But, if you want to make your fantasy novel great, here are some things that I think would work well in your favor!

Add Originality

With so many clichés—hundreds of them—you might think that our collective creativity has been wrung dry. But that is not the case. Fantasy novels are all about otherworldly creatures, monsters of the mind, unsung heroes. So, rather than depending on old creatures like dragons or werewolves, delve within. Take inspiration from your dreams and creativity.

The Thestrals from the Harry Potter world are a combination of different creatures, yet they have their unique personality. And that is what makes them so original.

Create a New World

The whole premise of the fantasy genre is to draw you into a world that is beyond belief. As such, you cannot depend on old ideas such as worlds living under the earth’s crust, or in another dimension.

Epic fantasy writers often use little aspects of these established worlds to give their stories an added boost. Alice in Wonderland is a psychedelic world, accessible through a looking glass or a magic portal. Lord of the Rings is set in a fantasy world completely. So, either create your universe or find a unique way to connect it to the real world.

Design a Well-Drawn Realistic Magic System

My trilogy, The Black Shade of White, is set across multiple worlds, multiple dimensions, and various countries in different timelines. On its own, despite being so spread out, the worlds come together and connect. There is still a unique magic system that brings angels, demons, and people together.

The story focuses on angels roaming among us with broken wings, some with forgotten memories—but the magic system binds them while keeping it realistic. There is no excessive usage of magic, but there is just enough to keep the story going. That is what the plot needs.

Strong Characterization

There is nothing worse than a strong story with cookie-cutter characters. Or worse, characters with age-old quirky traits that come off as more annoying than anything.

Readers want to read about characters they can connect with, or take inspiration from. So, create more realistic characters that are flawed and make mistakes, and have awkward moments. But make them strong enough to stand on their own, and learn right from wrong. Otherwise, your characters will not be strong enough to be believable.


The fantasy genre is the perfect place for you to be creative. So, utilize the above factors. Read my trilogy starting from Justice and await the second one, Destiny, which is being anticipated as one of the best fantasy books 2020. Read the trilogy for inspiration, and bring new life to your novel. You may just end up on the list of the best fantasy book authors!

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