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Why Writers Should Have an Online Social Presence

The world is online. But is it necessary that you should be too?

In a way, yes!

Especially for a popular writer, or someone who writes for a particular niche, being online offers benefits in the long run. You do not necessarily have to post each day, reply to every tweet, and like every photo. But being online exposes you to a larger group of readers than if you were sitting by your stall in a bookstore, waiting to be noticed by passersby.

The Power of Online Marketing

Social media platforms have revolutionized marketing and advertising practices. But they have essentially turbo-charged the most effective practice in marketing as well: word-of-mouth advertising.

According to an article by Forbes, word of mouth advertising is still considered the most important social media, with an article by the American Marketing Association suggesting 75 percent of people believe word-of-mouth to be the most effective form of the art. What social media platforms have done is give word of mouth a bigger stage. Writers and popular authors use Instagram and Twitter to announce new releases and updates on their work. But instead of gradually reaching the audience’s ears or only moving forward to a limited group, the announcement is sent to essentially everyone following the author.

That creates hype and excitement. People start responding positively to the message. They also share tweets or Instagram posts on other social media sites. If the author is well-known, the tweet works as a press release that news sites pick up. So, you reach a broader audience; in not just record time but also effectively.

Think of it as using a very loud megaphone that is connected to almost every ear in the world!

Choosing a Social Media Platform

Having an online presence does not require you to have pages on every platform known to man. It is all about finding one that is engaging enough and helps you connect to your community effectively.

For example, as the author of the fiction and fantasy book trilogy, The Black Shade of White, I stay active primarily on Twitter for multiple reasons. I also have my Instagram, website and blog (which you are on now - Welcome! :) ).

But I use Twitter because it gives me a better connection to readers and other writers. People in the book twitter community are always discussing one book or another, providing valuable feedback and connecting the dots. They also offer encouragement to writers and even take the time to offer help if the writer gets stuck in a horrible writer’s block.

So, it feels like you are a part of one big, happy, somewhat chaotic family. And that helps a lot when you are feeling down in the dumps about a specific plot point.


So, why not try it? Bring your work to the online realm. Connect with readers and writers online and use these platforms to your benefit. You will find yourself getting excited at the prospect of talking to the community once you begin your bookish side online!

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