The Black Shade of White

Vol. 1: Justice
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Suspensful fiction, fantasy and paranormal novel, in which the reader will find romance, mystery, crime and many more.

A multi-layered plot, complex relationships connecting the main characters and a complicated life story of each of them.  The action of the first volume JUSTICE of the trilogy THE BLACK SHADE OF WHITE takes place alternately in medieval Aragon, in modern-day London, the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Samael: The eternal struggle between good and evil in all their forms; Loss, search for roots and the question “Does death mean the end?”; Love, which is a destiny that will come true anyway, despite the passage of hundreds of years; Love, which is the warp on which this book was created – fairy-tale-like, magical, unusual, strong, true and indestructible; The fight for life to be taken away in the majesty of the law and the eternal question “Should we take away what we have not given?”; Revenge that gives birth to revenge; Angels, demons and people – There are so many things that divide them, but there is something that allows them to meet in one place, at one time, and that something is – JUSTICE – blind Themis, who holds in her hand a scale, which not always tips in the right direction. It is good that there are those among us who, despite having broken wings, are able to tear the blindfold off her eyes and make everyone receive what they deserve.